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NorCal Holistics was founded with the idea of providing our community with reliable access to high-quality brands and products, delivered discreetly and quickly to your front door.

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With more than 20-years of experience in the industry, our goal remains helping our clients maintain a quality of life they can be proud of.

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"We have proudly been serving clients across three (3) counties for over two (2) years. While it's been quite the journey, we are still growing and expanding." 



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The most professional delivery service in NorCal, we make our customers needs priority one! After that, we build our client relationships on quality and standards.

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Our rules

Below is a summary of NorCal's delivery rules.

Text a picture of your ID to (916) 993-5361. Must be State issued ID or a Passport.

Text your order including name, brand, & quantity.

Confirm the delivery address; be specific. We need to know if your home is located in a gated community.

Receive ETA & confirmed final total including delivery fee of $5. Cash only!

On every purchase our customers make they earn 3% cash back in loyalty points that can used like a store credit. Saving you money on future orders!

Customers can use up to 20% in loyalty points as part of each order. All orders must still meet the minimum for delivery

How does your $5 Off Coupon work? You get 1 Stamp per delivery containing the similar product. If your order contains flower, you can only get a stamp on a flower card and not an edible card.

  • $5 1/8th Stamp Card
  • $5 Vape Cart Stamp Card
  • $5 Edible Stamp Card

Brands & Pricing

We carry California's best brands at the best price points.


We believe CA's newest industry deserves to be treated like any other. As such, customers can expect the same elevated level of service as other professional industries.


Our clients

This is what our customers think about NorCal Holistics.

  • It's no contest when it comes to quality. Their products are like placing Whole Foods produces up against Safeway. You pay a little more for your green, but its clean, reliable, and tastes better than its cheaper competitors.
    Joe Perry
  • These guys were fast. My stated E.T.A. was about 90-120 minutes. And I'll be dipped in cow-pie if these guys didn't make it in under an hour. I was happy since I had to be at work. I’ve be ordering from NorCal from now on.
    Tony Roberts
  • Holy smoke, Batman. These guys have tasty nugs and super fast service. Good stuff Maynard! I'll be back!!!
    Bob Ross